Vampires are seen throughout works of folklore, fiction and legends as immortal creatures that sustain themselves by feeding on the life essence (generally in the form of blood) of human beings. Possessing countless supernatural powers and superhuman abilities, vampires are not without weakness. Not just sunlight but also blood loss can be fatal to any vampire. A common power of the vampire is the ability to control bats, who serve the vampires as their loyal servant's and possess powers of their own. Vampires also have the power to manipulate their blood and form it into physical objects as displayed by both Luna and Kay. Another frighenting power of the vampire is their ability to force their will and desire on human beings who have either been killed by them or have been infected by their bite. Anyone bite by a vampire will become one, the only known way to prevent someone from turning into a vampire is for that person to either die or kill themself.

Most Vampires in Blood Parade appear young, usually in the age range of childhood or late adolescence. But some vampires seem to possess the ability to age which is unuasl for creature's that are fabled to be immortal and youthfull.

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