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Gilles Mayford






An Apostle



Gilles is the main male protagonist of the series. 8 years ago, his family was killed by the pureblood king, Luna. Thus, he joined the ISS to become one of the Twelve Apostles. He passed his first first two parts of his exam to become one of the Twelve Apostles and met his Escudo, Luna to help him with his last defeat a real vampire named Alan Wicks. When Alan was about to finish Gil, Luna turned into Eulalia, which was her true form, and killed Alan. Gil was about to shoot Luna when the Director appeared. The Director told Gil to put down his gun. The Director said that Luna showed up before him and said that she would help him get rid of the vampires. That is why at the moment ISS policy is to cooperate with her. And that's why Luna hides her real identity behind the face of an Escudo. But, The Director ordered Gil to keep an eye on her. After that, Gil managed to become one of the Twelve Apostles.

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