Luna (Formerly}
Himself (Currently}


Vampire Leader


Luna (Sire and Former Lover)


Rose (Presumably)

Kay is a vampire possibly the oldest next to Luna. Very little is known about Kay and his past, other than the fact that he and Luna were once lovers. His ultimate goal at one point like Giles was to grant Luna her wish, however for reasons unknown she abandoned him (most likely to find someone outside of the vampire species to end her life). When they met up again, Kay revealed to Luna that his goal is to not only reunite with her but also grant the superiority to the vampire race over humanity. Expressing his love to Luna and displaying his power only to be scorned by her, Kay became enraged. His rage only grew more furious after Kay learned of Luna's wish and that only Gil, a human who kills vampires, can grant it for her. Luna's display of her disintrest in him made Kay vow to do whatever it took to prevent her wish from becoming true, even if he had to kill her.

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